Looking for a midwifery apprenticeship?

Birthing Your Way, LLC is proud to offer a comprehensive clinical training program to student midwives. We are a thriving practice with 8-15 births per month, with birth centers located in Lehi and Provo, Utah. Students come from all over the country to have the opportunity to work with our NARM approved preceptors.

Students who have completed much of the book study required to become a CPM either through self study or an approved midwifery education program may find it difficult to obtain their needed clinical training where they live. Many area’s of the country have a shortage of qualified preceptors and the waiting time or cost to work with one of these few women can be steep. We welcome students  from everywhere who would like to learn with us. Please take the time to learn about our midwifery apprenticeship program here and contact us if you have any questions.  For information on prerequisites and applying online, visit our Requirements and Application page.